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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Toni Clouse Myers who was born in Carlisle,Pennsylvania on October 24, 1963 and passed away on July 15, 2006 at the age of 42. She left this world way too early. We will remember her forever.

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Happy Birthday Toni.....   / Shelby Metzger (best friend )
Happy Birthday Toni!! If sunflowers grow in Heaven, Lord please pick a bunch for me, Place them in my best friend’s arms And tell her they're from me. Tell her I love and miss her, And when she turns to smile, Place a kiss upon her cheek A...  Continue >>
Heaven is sweeter.....   / Shelly (Sister)
Our sister, our best friend   / Shelly &. Wendy (Sisters)
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Her legacy
Tree dedication on July 15th, 2007  

It’s been 525, 600 minutes since we lost Toni. The hole in our hearts is just as big now as it was on that tragic day. In the past year we have experienced a roller coaster of emotions from deep dark sadness to anger to being able to laugh when we think of a funny memory of Toni. And there are a lot!.
Throughout the year we celebrated many milestones without Toni such as :
Shea’s 18th birthday
Toni’s 43rd birthday
Ryan’s 15th birthday
Jordy’s 12th birthday
Mother’s Day
Shea’s graduation

They were such bittersweet celebrations, we tried to put on our happy faces but inside we couldn’t help but notice that she was missing and we realized how much her presence added to our family dynamics.

But little by little we are learning to cope and beginning to heal
In doing so, we confirmed what we already knew, that we have a very close family andand that Toni, Wendy and I have the best parents anyone could ask for. Toni died knowing she had parents that loved her and supported her. We are so thankful for other family members. Especially my husband Deemer who has helped me get through the past year.
This was his idea to have the tree dedication today….. He has worked so hard to make this a special day… Thank you honey….

We could not have made it through the past year if wasn’t for Wendy’s husband , Mike.
Who took much of the burden off my father in the days and weeks following Toni’s death.

We thank God that Toni’s Children have been able to dig deep and find the strength that they needed to get through this past year. We are so proud of them . Toni died knowing that she had 3 great kids who would be okay.
We also realized how lucky we are to have such a large group of friends who have supported us in so many ways. Many of our friends here today have been family friends since as long as I can remember like the Shevlins, McDonald’s, Purcells, and Trish. We thank you all for being here today.

We made some new friends along the way.

Shelby Metzger was Toni’s best friend and we are glad that we have her and her children in our life now.

Lisa Verdakyl from the District Attorneys office have helped us get through the long drawn out process of the Court system. She was there to keep us informed every step of the way, help us get through hearings, help us endure yet another continuance. Thank you for helping us stay level headed even though all we could think about in the courtroom was how we could aerodynamically thrust a pen into just the right spot of the
defendant. (Just kidding father…. What time is confession….)

Nancy Chavez lost her daughter, Randi to a domestic violence homicide and knows exactly how we feel. She welcomed us with open arms to participate in Randi’s Race and allowed us to form our Team Toni which was extremely therapeutic for us and allowed us to raise some money for domestic violence services in the process. Wendy was the driving force in coordinating the team, soliciting sponsors and walkers and she did a phenomenal job. We also found a friend in Deb Donahue, the Executive Director of Cumberland/Perry Domestic Violence Services.

Marcy Robey has been a great support to Jeff and the kids. She left her home and her career in Virginia so that she could move here to help the family.

The Caring Place in Camp Hill was a very good experience for my family and Jeff and the kids.

We also gained a greater appreciation of our faith and are thankful for the support we have received from Father Menetti and Father Forry. .
Our belief in life ever after gets us through many days because we know Toni is in a much better place. Thank you for your prayers

So today, we remember Toni’s life by dedicating this Japanese snowbell tree. We thank Jeff for selecting this tree and planting it for us today. Deemer and I are so glad to have this here at our home and invite all of you to stop by at anytime and visit this memorial.
Nana has already planted a dwarf spruced tree and we encourage anyone who would like to plant something to do so. 

A  butterfly lights beside us like a sunbeam. And for a brief moment its glory and beauty belong to our world. But then it flies on again, and though we wish it could have stayed, we feel so lucky to have seen it...."

The 2007 CHS Graduate! Way to go SHEA!!!!  
Congratulations to the 2007 Carlisle High School Graduate,
Shea Patrick Myers who walked the stage and received his diploma on Thursday, June 7th!
Those in attendance to loudly cheer him on were:
Dad  (Jeff) , sisters Ryan and Jordyn, Grandparents Grammy and Pappy Clouse and Pappy Dick and Nanny Viv, Aunt Shelly, Uncle Deemer and cousins Kelsea and mason, Aunt Wendy and Uncle Mike, Love of his life Yasmine and her mother Jo Jo and great friends Shelby and Taylor Metzger and Marcy Robey.

Although it was painfully obvious that his Mother was missing in body, We know she was there beaming proudly in spirit!
Youth Basketball: Award honors mother  

Dan Hair just wanted a way to honor the memory of a good mother.

Toni Myers, who Hair said was shot and killed last July in an act of domestic violence, was remembered via the Toni Myers Award on Saturday.

Hair, the president of the Carlisle Girls' Youth Basketball Association (CGYBA), presented the award to Michelle Rumford of Mt. Holly Springs and Mark Greenaway of North Middleton Township.

“They're both very deserving of the award,” Hair said. “I've dealt with both parents and they are very supportive in all programs and in (their children's) schoolwork. They show great sportsmanship.”

Hair said Myers was the same way.

“She was always in the stands,” he said. “In fact, she was in the stands at her daughter's softball game the day she was killed. She was a good person; a good mom. You could see her at all the events.”

Myers left behind a son and two daughters, both of whom participated in the CGYBA.

“She was always out when her kids played,” Hair said.

The Myers Award was the latest addition to the third-annual CGYBA banquet. While the league has been in exsistence for 10 years, Hair, who has been president the last eight, wanted a way to honor the league's champions.

“The girls enjoy getting their awards in front of everyone,” Hair said. “We also honor all eighth-graders who have made it through the program.”

The banquet was held in Wilson Middle School following the CGYBA's two title games Saturday at Wilson Middle School.

She lives on through her children  

It is clear to everyone that Toni lives on through her children.  They all have her beautiful eyes and bright smile.  They all have a very good sense of humor,  Shea can mimic just about anything and does a pretty mean Forest Gump impression,  Ryan has her mom's Irish humor ( Cockaballa...) and Jordy can appreciate her Aunt Shelly's corney jokes (Monkey Mail...) and her Pappy Clouse's silliness.
Their kind hearted nature , good behavior and their maturity in the face of tragedy makes me proud to be part of their family.  I believe everyone else will agree (your Dad, Grammy, Pappy, Wendy, Mike, Nana, Bob, Deemer, Kelsea, Mason  and all of your other aunts, uncles and cousins) 
We are all here for you and are so very proud of you!
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